Holiday Nutrition: Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

1) Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Just because this popular party appetizer and holiday snack has the word “spinach,” do not be fooled. This dish is among one of the worst foods that you can indulge in the holiday season. While delicious, this treat contains mayonnaise, sour cream and cream cheese, easily adding up to 300 calories per serving.

2) Pecan Pie

Yes, it’s a classic. However, if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth this upcoming holiday season, either search for close alternatives or watch your portions on this one. When it comes to pie, pecan is the clear winner for calories, fat and sugar.

3) Gin and Tonic

Mark it as the deceitful cocktail. While it often tastes light, this cocktail boasts over 200 calories and over 20 grahams of sugar…thanks to the tonic. If you’re going to indulge in libations this seasons, consider your alternatives.

4) Baked Potato

While a loaded baked potato compete with sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and whatever additional add-ons may serve as a scrumptious side, it also boasts a surplus of calories. Along with that, most loaded potato dishes contain at least 14 grahams of fat.

5) White Chocolate Mocha

Yes, it’s a great holiday favorite and will keep you warm and toasty during the colder weather. However, it can also sneakily pack on about 660 calories to your daily intake. This treat also comes with over 20 grahams of fat and almost 100 grahams of sugar.

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