Houston Surf Fitness Trainer*

Ace Platinum Fitness offers routines specifically for surfers of all levels. You’ll receive the training to make you a faster, more balanced, and all-around better surfer. Experience begins in the water, but training begins on land. We will focus on a range of areas with basic and advanced routines; everything from helping you paddle easier, to getting to your feet faster, as well as flexibility for a better range of motion

Houston Surf Fitness TrainerAreas of focus:

  • Balance
  • Stabilization
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Cardio conditioning

When surfing, you build and strengthen your tricep muscles. The pop-up engages the chest and abdominals. Standing and riding the board builds leg strength, flexibility and balance. The intense degree of difficulty for surfers allows all muscles including your core to be trained and enables you to develop better maneuvers while in the ocean.

Additional benefits of surfing classes:

  • Works the core
  • Builds focus and control
  • Fat burning
  • Creates lean muscle
  • Shapes and tones
  • Revs up metabolism

All routines mimic the act of surfing, but in a secure and safe setting. Each session lasts an hour and takes place at Uptown Fitness, under the guidance of surfer and certified trainer Acie Nobles. You’ll receive personalized training to improve your skill level and become a better surfer.


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