Weight Loss Programs*

Ace Platinum Fitness weight loss plans center on healthy eating habits, so you’ll not only look good, but feel good. Maintaining a healthy weight is about knowing the right foods to eat, partnered with healthy exercise and lifestyle changes.

Outside the Gym and into Your Life
If you’ve tried to lose weight, you’ve probably seen the infomercials for pills, home workout routines and promises of “fat burning” systems when researching how to “diet.” Losing weight, especially in stubborn problem areas, is more than just cutting calories; it’s about making the appropriate lifestyle changes so you can keep the pounds off in the long run.

It all begins with a consultation and a BMI index. We work within your restrictions and resources to develop a meal plan that works in tandem with your subsequent custom exercise routine. We determine the correct foods, cutting out the harmful ones and establishing quick, easy and – above all – healthy recipes you and your loved ones can enjoy. We’ll break it down into portions and costs without skimping on taste.

Weight Management Program
Losing weight is not an overnight success story; that’s why it takes time and dedication from both trainer and client. Combining nutrition and physical activity into one unique system, we develop the perfect routine for toning up or slimming down.

Ace Platinum Fitness guides you through maintaining your weight in a healthy way, and lets you reach your goals through a natural, holistic plan. Our philosophies regarding healthy living and total wellness encourage all our clients to follow proper diets and productive exercise routines. We help you take responsibility for your weight, while also functioning as a supportive ally in your weight management plan.

For some, managing nutrition and a healthy diet can be daunting; it requires significant, sometimes draining, reserves of energy, confidence and strength. Ace Platinum Fitness wants to give you the motivation to achieve this, as well as provide real incentives for personal success.

Contact Ace Platinum Fitness today with any questions regarding weight management you may have, or schedule a free consultation.